Night-time Munchies 


How often do you snack after dinner, what do you eat and what are your sure-fire
strategies to curb night-time munchies?

 Night-time munchies are a common experience. About half (56%) of survey participants eat after dinner 4 or more nights a week. One quarter eat after dinner 6 or 7 nights a week.


How often and what you eat?

When you eat after dinner it's only once for around 70% of people. Less than 10% said they eat 3 or more times after dinner. Half the time post-dinner snacks are either equally chocolate or fruit. Yoghurt was the next most frequent food eaten after dinner (40%), followed by biscuits (35%), ice-cream (20%) and bread (19%).


Non-hungry eating

If you eat something after dinner it must be because you are hungry, right? Wrong! Only 4% of survey respondents said they were genuinely hungry 100% of the times they eat after dinner. Over two-thirds (70%) said they were hungry some or none of the times they ate after dinner.

This means that a lot of post-dinner snacking is triggered by factors other than hunger. The top-rating trigger was habit, for 50% of respondents. One person said, “I usually eat chocolate but I eat it for no reason.” And another, “It's only out of habit and a mind thing that you think you need it.”

Other eating triggers included boredom (44% of cases), hunger (36%) and your partner offering food (27%). Other reasons for nocturnal snacking included:

Is night-time eating a problem?

Over half (58%) of our survey agreed they would like to stop eating or would like to eat less after dinner to stay in shape. And there were more people who thought eating after dinner was a problem for them than those who didn't see it as a problem.


Strategies to curb post-dinner munchies

If you'd like to cut back on unnecessary calories consumed at night, try these practical strategies suggested by SmartShape subscribers in our survey:

And lastly…

In combination with these useful strategies, remember that the triggers listed above reveal the secret to reducing night-time munchies may lie in breaking habits, avoiding hunger or boredom and having a word with your partner about offering some love instead of food after dinner.


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