Avoiding extremes is key to weight management

True to their annual formula, the nation's popular weekly magazines this week featured cover stories on celebrity diets. Australian New Weekly (8 Jan 2007) ran with '20 Best Slim Downs of All Time' and Australian Woman's Day (8 Jan 2007) covered with `Secrets of the diet queens'.

The magazine stories brought up some random thoughts: Firstly, like elite athletes, actors have off seasons between movie shoots when they put on a few kilograms. Why do we think this is more normal for athletes, but not for screen heroes? The media (and perhaps media consumers) just don't seem to offer celebrities any slack, so no wonder they rebound when the cameras stop rolling. Beyonce was quoted after she lost weight for her Dreamgirls movie role as saying she's looking forward to “eating for America to get some junk on my trunk.” Second, celebrity slimming stories show two extremes, so of course the results are dramatic. At the smaller end the celebrity is likely to be working overtime to stay below their natural best healthy weight so they appear in top shape for the cameras. At the larger end, they are often between shoots, on holidays or just in their off season. They may also be going thorough a tough time emotionally, like when Jessica Simpson “turned to food for comfort and managed to pile on 15 kg…” after the break-up with Nic (NW).

I was thinking about the take-home message from this apparent media obsession with celebrity body shape and eating habits? I guess it's aiming for the opposite of what you see and read with the legitimate weight management goal of avoiding extremes. Being happy and healthy is not having to achieve movie star, rock hard buttocks nor is it going to be about bulking up in the wrong places during a life-long off-season.

In 2007, think about how this year can be a year of great results in terms of fitness, health and happiness without spending time bouncing back and forward from the extremes. This is the real key to weight management.

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